Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, you have to admit that these primaries have been very interesting! I can't ever remember an election with as much ENERGY. Well, maybe JFK's time. He was exciting.
What is it that is causing such a hubbub? What is exciting so many who in years past have been so apathetic. I can almost feel that my personal vote can make a difference and I haven't felt that way in YEARS. I am not committed to any candidate yet but I am narrowing the field just as these primaries have narrowed the field.
Before all this started, I was quite disillusioned. I wasn't even sure I was going to vote. I believe that our nation is sitting on the brink of a very dangerous precipice and that if we do not change course drastically, we are headed for disaster. Our economy is dangerously wounded! It needs major surgery now or we will collapse from within. Perhaps that is our "enemies" goal. Doesn't anyone in our government see the DANGER in our present course? I for one am scared for our nation's future. With John McCain I fear more of "business as usual",Barack Obama promises change but can he produce it if he gets elected, and Hillary promises everything but no one likes her. She seems qualified but she alienates so many people that I'm not sure she is the person our nation needs right now. Obama is well liked and seems to have the ability to work with
people from all sides of the track but does he have what it takes to run our nation? It is a real dilemma. WHO IS BEST TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THIS MESS WE SEEM TO BE IN?

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Ron said...

You could vote for me.