Monday, May 19, 2008

Ron and Janene's

Just got home from a weekend with Ron and Janene's boys. Mommy and Daddy went to New York City to a Mets game. They stayed over night and Poppa and Nanna got to stay with Jaron and Landon. We had great fun! Poppa did some painting repair work and installed a new ceiling fan in the rec room while Nanna played with her boys.

and finally, Landon took this picture of Nanna in her jammies at our pajama party. Can't wait to do it again! This weekend it is off to Chicago and Ant and Ang's gang.

Cruise to Mexico

As most of you know I took my first cruise with Jo,Geo and the kids. I roomed with George's mother, Irene. It was wonderful. Poppa got to stay in Mississippi with Nan and Pop. He wouldn't go because he was afraid he'd get seasick. He missed out on a great cruise. Nanna would go again in a nano second!

This is the Fantasy Cruise ship we sailed on! It was HUGE!

This is inside the ship. She was about 8 or 9 decks high..

this is the stateroom I shared with Irene.

And this is our family at our dinner seating on ship!
While on the cruise we visited 2 ports in Mexico.Cozamel and Progresso. We toured the Myan ruins and the kids got to swim with dolphins! Check out the pics below!

It was about 102 degrees out when we toured the ruins but it was spectacular to see.

I loved my cruise. Thanks Jo for asking me! When are we going again?