Friday, December 12, 2008


This is what we woke up to today! The trees are all coated in ice then topped with a layer of SNOW! It is beautiful to see! We lost a tree, came down over the driveway. Poppa has to get the chain saw out! BEAUTIFUL WINTER! Now this is snow you kids in Mississippi. Hope it sticks around for y'all to see when you get here!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November Trip

November had Nanna and Poppa heading to Mississippi. We stopped on the way to say goodbye to Jaron and Landon's Nanny Bensinger who passed away just before Thanksgiving. We got to visit Ron and Janene's new house which will be ready for occupancy sometime in Feb. Then Nanna and Poppa got in the car and drove and drove and drove and drove until we ended up at Jo and George's house in Mississippi. We will spend Thanksgiving with Abby, Alex and Grace and then will drive home just in time for everyone to come to our house for Christmas. Whew! Nanna is tired already, just thinking about it.

October Trip

The month of October had Poppa and Nanna tripping off to Chicago. We spent Halloween with Vincent, Leo and Larina and had loads of fun going trick or treating. Nanna dressed up as a "princess" because Vincent asked her to. Poppa went as a cowboy. Pictures to follow soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Poppa and Nanna just got back from a GOLFING vacation in Myrtle Beach! Our children gave us the trip as a Christmas present. We played 18 holes each day at a different course and then we went out to eat at some spectacular restaurants. I loved the Villa Roma and Umbertos best. We also ate at the Carolina Roadhouse and The Bonefish Grill. We stayed in a 2 bedroom condo at the Barefoot Resort. It was soooooo much fun. We didn't burn up the courses but we had a good time. Poppa played very well and Nanna was almost able to keep up most of the time. The last 18 holes was my worst but I still had fun. That's what it's all about. FUN....Thanks again to our kids for such a great gift.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Fall is here and the Holidays will be upon us soon.

What are you thankful for? Here is a short list of what I am thankful for.

1. Someone who loves me.

That would be my husband of 39 years

2. Freedom to pray and worship

3. Good Friends

that would be:::Pat Lougher, Me, Priscilla Ammerman and Phyllis Callear

"Girl Friends"

4.Family !!!
That would be my children and my grandchildren. Thank you Nan and Pop for my husband, Ron. Thank you Ron for JoAnn, Anthony and Ron. Thank you Jo and George for Abby,Alex and Grace. Thank you Anthony and Angela for Vincent, Leo and Larina. Thank you Ron and Janine for Jaron and Landon. Thank you Shar for Lindsay and Adam. I have so much to be thankful for. Love to all Nanna.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Jo and the kids came up from Mississippi for our annual DuPont family picnic and "KOUSINS AT KNOEBElS" family reunion. We were saddened that Anthony and Angela could not bring the Chicago gang this year. A great time was had by all. Pictures coming soon..Knoebels Groves in Elysburg, PA is the country's largest free admission amusement park. My family agrees that it is one of the finest amusement parks we have ever visited and that is why we choose to make it a yearly tradition to have our family reunion at KNOEBELS.

June Birthdays in Mississippi

In June, we went to Mississippi to Jo and George's. Everyone came down to help celebrate Poppa's 60th birthday! We usually get together in June or July at Nanna and Poppa's house to celebrate all the birthdays but we did it in Mississippi this year. On May 31st George turned 38years old and that started the multiple celebrations. Next was Abby who was 9 on June 13th, then Uncle Ron was 33 on June 16th and Poppa was 60 on the 17th. Nanna and Poppa had their 39th anniversary on June 21st and Vincent was 4 on the 27th! WHEW! That's a lot of celebrations! We have a short break and Anthony turned 36 on July 11th. Here are some of the photos from the gang at Mississippi.

The Cousins doing video games.


There's Jaron, and Landon,and Alex the boys

The Cutie of course is Gracie!

Here is Landon having a tea party!


beautiful Larina

Boy! Have I been busy.

Golfing has gone by the wayside! Nanna has been sooooo busy with grandbabies she hasn't had time to golf! Here are some pictures from my last trip to Chicago which was in May. I am really late in posting them but here they are.



Do you remember the freedom of being NAKED!
After the sand and water table, we stripped them down to clean them up and they had a grand time running around the back yard naked!


Nanna had a great visit then I was off to Mississippi in JUNE

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ron and Janene's

Just got home from a weekend with Ron and Janene's boys. Mommy and Daddy went to New York City to a Mets game. They stayed over night and Poppa and Nanna got to stay with Jaron and Landon. We had great fun! Poppa did some painting repair work and installed a new ceiling fan in the rec room while Nanna played with her boys.

and finally, Landon took this picture of Nanna in her jammies at our pajama party. Can't wait to do it again! This weekend it is off to Chicago and Ant and Ang's gang.

Cruise to Mexico

As most of you know I took my first cruise with Jo,Geo and the kids. I roomed with George's mother, Irene. It was wonderful. Poppa got to stay in Mississippi with Nan and Pop. He wouldn't go because he was afraid he'd get seasick. He missed out on a great cruise. Nanna would go again in a nano second!

This is the Fantasy Cruise ship we sailed on! It was HUGE!

This is inside the ship. She was about 8 or 9 decks high..

this is the stateroom I shared with Irene.

And this is our family at our dinner seating on ship!
While on the cruise we visited 2 ports in Mexico.Cozamel and Progresso. We toured the Myan ruins and the kids got to swim with dolphins! Check out the pics below!

It was about 102 degrees out when we toured the ruins but it was spectacular to see.

I loved my cruise. Thanks Jo for asking me! When are we going again?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Next post will be from Mississippi!

Off to Mississippi, golf, grandkids, cruise and more! Will add pics as I take them.

More on politics! What is this political mess? Are there no honest people in the world anymore. I am turning into a REAL CYNIC! Can't seem to believe anyone anymore. Does anyone care about the state of our economy? What will it take to wake everyone up? Our country is slowly being bought out from under us. Soon we will no longer be the USofA but will be some foreign state's colony! I for one an GREATLY CONCERNED! Don't have any idea how I can change the course we are on. All I can do at this point is HOPE AND PRAY. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is it SPRING yet?

Just returned from a whirlwind 5 days with Ron and Janene and the boys! Now I am home for a week then off to Mississippi for Easter and my cruise to Mexico! I am definately looking forward to some GOLF!! Where oh where is Spring?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Senior Help

Here is a helpful video for those of you who have to deal with us elders who are not so techono-savy. Thanks to my guru....Chris Prillo

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, you have to admit that these primaries have been very interesting! I can't ever remember an election with as much ENERGY. Well, maybe JFK's time. He was exciting.
What is it that is causing such a hubbub? What is exciting so many who in years past have been so apathetic. I can almost feel that my personal vote can make a difference and I haven't felt that way in YEARS. I am not committed to any candidate yet but I am narrowing the field just as these primaries have narrowed the field.
Before all this started, I was quite disillusioned. I wasn't even sure I was going to vote. I believe that our nation is sitting on the brink of a very dangerous precipice and that if we do not change course drastically, we are headed for disaster. Our economy is dangerously wounded! It needs major surgery now or we will collapse from within. Perhaps that is our "enemies" goal. Doesn't anyone in our government see the DANGER in our present course? I for one am scared for our nation's future. With John McCain I fear more of "business as usual",Barack Obama promises change but can he produce it if he gets elected, and Hillary promises everything but no one likes her. She seems qualified but she alienates so many people that I'm not sure she is the person our nation needs right now. Obama is well liked and seems to have the ability to work with
people from all sides of the track but does he have what it takes to run our nation? It is a real dilemma. WHO IS BEST TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THIS MESS WE SEEM TO BE IN?

Here is another new one. It is a 9x12 done in acrylics on canvas board.
It's March can Spring be far behind? Yesterday and today we had to deal with an ice storm. Not bad enough to keep Poppa home but all of my activities, bowling;painting;getting my nails done; were all cancelled. I didn't even get out of my jammies. What a life!

This is a look and one of my newest paintings. It is an 8x10 done in acrylics on stretched canvas with a wrap-around edge.

Falling Behind!

I am finding it hard to keep up with my blogging children! Here is a look at another vacation photo from our trip to Disney World.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Disney World Fantasy!

Here is a picture of Nanna and Poppa with Grace, Abby and Alex in front of the Great Castle! WOW!

Some of us at the Luau. What a meal!

No, they didn't all sleep in the same bed but they had a lot of fun playing in the kids bunk bed suite.

Nanna and "My Girl" Grace

What has 2 heads; 8 ears and 4legs?
Give up?

It TWO MOUSKETEERS! Abby and Grace