Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas at MY HOUSE

This is our Christmas Picture. We are a very

Large Bunch. The little ones kept us busy

and filled our days with the "magic" of

Christmas. Everyone had a Great Holiday

inspite of the crying and squabbling of cousins.

We had sleepovers, pillow fights, made cookies

together, went sledding and generally had

FUN! FUN! FUN! 8 under the age of 8 is a housefull

but Nanna Loves it even if she gets grumpy

when she is tired. On the Saturday after Christmas,

we baptised Larina Ann and everyone gave Nanna

a SURPRISE 60th Birthday party!

This is Larina at her Baptism.

And these are our 8 grandbabies!

Leo, Grace,Jaron,Alex holding Larina, Abby, Landon and Vincent

These are photos of Nanna's 60th party. My husband and children SURPRISED ME! A big THANK YOU to my daughter JoAnn who was event photographer!

Me with best friends Pat, Priscilla and Phyllis


My Man!

A great time was had by all especially the Birthday Girl 60 yr. old! Thanks everyone for a wonderful party.

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